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Private Songwriting Lessons

Get Your Songs Heard, Critiqued, Or Even Co-Write With A Pro
-Lessons Via FaceTime or Skype-
Song Critiques
Make sure your songs are the best they can be and up to industry standards.  Don't record your songs until they're critiqued by a Pro!
Wanna write with a Pro Songwriter?  Now you can!  I'll teach you as we go so you're finishing quality songs AND becoming a better songwriter.
Career Help
Songwriting Lessons
There are so many aspects to the Music Business.  I have over 20 years of experience working in the Music Industry...let me help you make sense of it all.
Simply want to learn songwriting?  No problem - I can teach you how the Pro's write songs. 

My Clients Rock!
Here's what they're saying...

Russ Maines
 From an email after critiquing one of Russ' songs... 

"Thanks so much for the help with syllable count, rhyme schemes, etc.  Because of this song, I got a publishing deal with (I left out name). This song and publishing deal wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for you, and your critique."

Tim Svedlund
"​I've learned more in 2 days than the last 3 years of trying to write songs since working with Tom!  If you’re just thinking about learning or been writing for years, Tom’s personality and teaching techniques make it so easy to learn at YOUR pace. Tom’s years of music knowledge will be felt in every song you write from know on!"
Carly Keiser
"Tom has been an amazing mentor for me. I have felt such a renewed sense of joy and confidence about songwriting since working with him. His songwriting process and guidance make songwriting fun. I used to get so discouraged writing songs, but since working with Tom I feel so supported and encouraged.  Tom is one of the most genuine people I have ever met.  He truly cares about his students making significant progress and being the best songwriters they can be.  Tom is a true treasure trove of songwriting knowledge, skill, and experience."

THREE Lessons With Tom

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($55 Per Lesson)

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This is for 3 separate 55 minute Facetime/Skype lessons with Tom Worth

One Lesson With Tom


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This is for one 55 minute Facetime/Skype lesson with Tom Worth

Frequently Asked Questions



Why do I offer a reduced rate for multiple lessons?

If we co-write, how does ownership work?

My goal is to help you with your songs…NOT to get songwriting credit on them.  That being said – if we’re co-writing I generally use the Nashville system which is equal splits - 50-50%.  We can discuss if you’d like.    
Good question.  I’ve found that my students progress the most and the fastest with regular/consistent lessons.  So I offer a reduced rate to encourage this option.



If my song is critiqued and I make the suggested changes, is that co-writing?

What if I have to reschedule the lesson?

No problem.  I understand life happens and things come up.  Just please give me as much notice as possible.
Nope.  I’m happy to give you advice without taking any ownership of the song.



How do I reschedule a lesson?

Are lessons refundable?

Simple.  At the bottom of the email you received when you scheduled the lesson there’s a box that says “​​View Appointment Details.”  Click on that and then click on “Reschedule.”
No.  You can reschedule them if you need to, but once you purchase a lesson, it will not be refunded.