So umm...who is Tom Worth?

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   Hi there!  I’m Tom Worth - the Pro Songwriting Coach. I’ve been a professional and successful songwriter out of Nashville for almost 15 years.

So let’s just get the 2 questions you’re probably thinking of out of the way ;)

1.  Have I written any songs you may know?
2.  If I’m a Professional Songwriter, why do I teach?

Good questions!  The answer to the first is…probably. 

I’ve had over 55 cuts (meaning bigger artists have recorded songs I’ve written).  None of them have been huge hits, but they’ve been on the radio and on the charts.  Some have also been used in TV shows like
Jane By Design, Forming The Band, and Road Rules. 

They’ve also been used internationally in commercials for companies like Verizon. 
So...although you may not know my songs…you've probably heard them :)

2nd question:  Yes it’s true – I’m living my dream as a Pro Songwriter.  So why do I take time away from that to teach?  That one’s simple…because I love teaching and helping songwriters follow and reach their dreams. 

I didn’t know this until I was hired by Refinement Records to teach all of their artists songwriting.  I loved it!  After leaving Refinement, I was soon hired by the T3 Talent Agency in S. Carolina to be head of their songwriting department and develop a curriculum.  I was coaching all ages, all genres, and again…I loved it.

That’s when I decided to cut back on songwriting and focus on teaching.
I still write with and produce artists, but I’m more selective about it.

I started down this road years ago with the dream of being a professional songwriter.  Since then in addition to my 55 cuts, I have had 2 Publishing Deals, and have played on the Grand Ol’ Opry Stage
Dreams come true guys.  Let me help you follow yours!
Here’s a list of some of my bigger cuts:
“All Of A Sudden”  -  Josh Abbott Band  -  Atlantic Nashville
“Hot Water” -  Josh Abbott Band  -  Atlantic Nashville
“All The Pennies”  -  Mindy Gledhill  -  Indie
“Wake Up The Neighbors”  -  Due West  -  Black River (same label as Kelsea Ballerini)
“Tip Jar”  -  Due West  -  Black River
“Red White And Blue Christmas”  -  Abby Anderson  -  Black River